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Having issues like pulling on the leash, too much energy, and being able to communicate with your dog?


Dogs are easy, Humans are the ones I train more so than not.


I will train you and your dog at my central location to go over structured plans wrapped around what you want to focus on. You'll be gaining control while being coached through the process. All while building the bond.


Private dog training lessons are one of the most effective services in developing that unique, inseparable relationship with your dog. Hands on, one-on-one training is key to you and your dog's success.

Image by Kareli Lizcano
Image by Erik Hathaway


When should you start training your puppy? Yesterday! Preventing and correcting bad behavior at an early age is important for creating a healthy and balanced puppy. Preventing these behavioral problems is easier when you work early in a puppy's life. I will teach you the secret of communication with your dog as you become their lifelong leader. 

I can fix behavior problems your puppy may already have like nipping, barking, biting, house soiling, whining, chewing, chasing and more. Promoting calmness is my #1 priority followed closely with connecting the dog with its natural instinct of following the leader.


I utilize the natural psychology of dogs to establish structure by balancing positive reinforcement and discipline. As pack animals, dogs have an innate ability to follow respectable leadership once communication is established. I nurture this trait to bring out the best in your dog's abilities! I tailor my approach to the instincts of each dog I work with and promote the natural flower through out the program.

If you lead a busy life, lack the time and/or patience and would like to fast forward a confused dog into an obedient one, this program is for you. I offer a safe, professional and experienced dog training experience with continued support to help you and your dog in your journey.


Take the Time to Recharge!

I know you'll miss your dog! But relax and enjoy your break while your little one (or big one) is away with me. This is your time to also train yourself on being a leader. The goal is for your dog to be a follower to you. I will be working on energy levels and keeping your dog focused in different types of environments. When your dog returns, it is your responsibility to continue the training. I will practice with you about reinforcing commands with your dog so that we can so you can be reassured that you can keep them in the follower mindset.

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Dog Walker


Dogs love nothing more than to get outside and walk. Their migrating nature is imbedded in their genes. Pack walks can build confidence and provide time for your dog to be out in the real world in a controlled environment with other dogs, and with an experienced handler. Fulfill your dog’s physical and mental needs by socializing them in a calm and structured way.


If you are interested in pack walks but don’t know if your dog is a good candidate based on behavior, we can assist with training needs prior to introducing them to the rest of the pack.

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