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Professional Dog Behavior & Puppy Training in Dallas, Texas. – My mission is to help dog owners improve their quality of life through enjoyable, connected relationships with their canine companions by providing engaging, assertive leadership while promoting a calm, follower mindset so that in any environment they can have the well-behaved dog they always wanted & giving puppies the best start in life possible.

I have developed a simple training method that is based around their instinctual needs that is also easy to customize for your dog and you. My program is relaxed, laid back and extremely effective for all dogs. I offer a safe, professional and experienced dog training so that you can open an effective line of communication with your pup.

I strive to offer dog training and obedience training programs that provide the best possible experience for pet’s and pet owners alike. We are also fully insured and bonded so rest assured your best friend is in safe hands. 

I am a member of IACP, have attended multiple dog training workshops and been coached by Cesar Millan, Sheri Lucas Agnew and Brad Bevill.


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